As a full-service construction company, Care construction provides a wide range services to clients throughout New Jersey and surrounding areas. 


Additions & Remodeling

Building an addition onto your home creates more space and gives the feeling of an entirely new house. Renovations typically involve several indoor and outdoor components in a house. The resulting increase in square footage, livable space, rooms and value make major renovations a smart investment for most homeowners.

Painting, Flooring,
Doors & Windows

Homes can feel completely different with small changes. Whether you want a fresh paint color, a new floor, or more energy-efficient doors and windows, Care Construction can help.


Decking & Patios

Expand your livable space with a new deck or patio. Dine, play, or relax in the open air. We can refinish existing decks or build new. Brick pavers can also be a great touch for patios and walkways.